Sunday Worship
We meet for a cup of tea together on a Sunday morning from 10.30-11.00am. Do please join us then.

Our Worship Service starts at 11.00am and usually finishes between 12.00 and 12:15pm We often have a time for group work – discussion, bible study, or other activity – at some point in the morning. But the format varies depending on the worship leader that week.

There is a collection taken for the work of the church which usually follows the church notices.

The children are always included in some part of the service in some way. The children usually continue their worship in Junior Church before the sermon. They return for communion on Communion Sundays.

Numbers: we typically expect 10-15 adults and 3-6 children/teenagers (aged 6-18) on a Sunday.

Communion is on the second Sunday in each month and children take communion with the adults.

Music: We use Rejoice and Sing, Mission Praise, and a variety of other sources of songs. Accompanied by Guitar and Piano.

Bibles: We generally use the Good News Bible.

Seating: Chairs are usually arranged in a circle or a horseshoe. There are tables in the room around which people may gather for group work.